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Fall Risk Management
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Make an investment in your health, fitness and well-being!

Ongoing classes are available on a month to month or drop in basis at various locations for new and returning students

Class schedule is interrupted due to the virus.

Health is an integrated thing, doing something positive for your health does something positive for your mind and spirit.

NEW Tai Chi for Beginners Part 2 for 8 Tuesdays at 10 am from June 2 through July 21st. It continues with the level one Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong set of the last 9 exercises, a chakra activation and alignment meditation and Tai Chi warm ups plus the Tai Chi walk follow step and the Tai Chi forward rock step walk. This is preparation for six basic Tai Chi movements to improve health and well-being in Tai Chi for Beginners Part 3 to be announced later in the summer. Suitable for new and continuing students.

NEW Tai Chi/qigong for Beginners Part 1 for 8 Wednesdays at 10:30am, from May 13 to July 1.  Learn and apply the essential principles of Tai Chi and balance, learn the first 9 exercises level One Shibashi, Dr. Paul Lam’s warm-up and includes a breath and posture meditation. Suitable for new and continuing students.

https://zoom.us/signup.   Zoom is free to use.

If interested in any or all of these Tai Chi/qigong opportunities let me know by sending me your email request to: chrisfirmfit@gmail.com for more details and the particulars on how to join in on any of these classes and to get your Zoom link invitation.

Covid 19 Virus and our classes

1905 Hartnell
Day Time

Classes will be listed here when the Center reopens.
Mystic Heart Center
3609 Bechelli Lane, Suite H
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Classes will be listed here when the Center reopens.

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