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Clients are Saying...

"In each workout attention is given to our individual needs and restrictions"
.....Pat M.

You are truly a wonderful instructor and embody the values and essence of Tai Chi - I have learned so much from you and your class this year and the wonderful thing is that what I have learned from you will stay with me - the connection of mind/body/spirit has really made a difference in my life and I thank you so very much!
..... Lisa D

Chris challenges us to do our best in such a positive and cheerful way...I look forward to her exercise classes and cannot live without them. She is the BEST!
.....Anita M.

I have experienced improved balance and stability, stronger back muscles and worked through the pain of arthritis.
.....Tom H.

Since I have been under Chris' instruction of core development I am walking better, feeling stronger, have more self confidence and body awareness.
.....Carolyn L.

Her style of instruction is superb, exercises constantly varied. Chris gets to all of us.
.....Judy R.

When I started Chris's exercise class I was sure I would not be able to continue. I hated to exercise. I am now into my 4th year in Chris's classes. As a result my back, hips and knees have all quit hurting. I can go hiking with my grandchildren. Chris is the only one who could have accomplished this. Her varied program, her enthusiasm, her concentration on each joint and muscle keeps my body and mind working. In addition, Chris tells you the purpose of each exercise. So you know which muscle or joint is getting the benefit of that particular work out. I cannot praise her enough.
..........Ann D.

I am not getting older, I am getting better. Because of Chris, I will not sit in a rocking chair, I will walk straighter, I will have less pain, I will smile more, and will feel and look better. Thanks Chris! You sure know how to do your stuff!
..........Gail S.

Before I started studying with Chris I was in constant pain with spasms and knots in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I was constantly in therapy and on muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medication. Now that I have learned to keep my shoulders down (in my hip pockets) the pain is gone! My knees were in really bad shape before Chris but she has taught me the right way to do lunges and squats...Thanks to Chris's teaching and constant reminders I think I will be able to exercise for YEARS to come without pain or injury. Thanks Chris, I owe you so much!
.........Bette Lou R.

What you do is amazing and has transformed the exercise program at Encore. We are all fortunate to be able to participate in the classes that you offer. It has made a major difference in my physical and mental health. With much appreciation,
..........Dottie B.

Working with Chris has been a fun, meaningful way to strengthen my body, increase endurance, and increase my range of motion and balance. I always hear her 'stability before mobility' while hiking or walking on uneven terrain.
.........Joyce S

Chris has made me aware of the importance of posture and core control for a healthy back and balance. I feel this keeps pressure off my spine. Her concern for how the body should feel and breathe during movement is amazing. She is very careful to give options on how to do the exercises. I am more self confident, feel less aches and pains than I did before taking her classes. Her classes always have something a bit different which keeps us challenged and excited to participate.
..........Marlene S.

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