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Chris Netto, a Certified Personal Trainer, through Standing Firm Fitness has created functional fitness programming for mature adults designed to:
   Empower students to manage their own health, disease and physical independence through physical activity and education;
   Improve physical fitness, posture, balance, coordination and brain function;
   Optimize wellness, health and physical fitness as you age;
   Manage minor aches and pains from arthritis, the effects of disease,and deconditioning.

Classes include appropriate, safe, and effective exercises led by an experienced fitness professional.

Our World Tai Chi Day event: On YouTube
You might enjoy seeing and sharing it with your friends.

Thursdays at 11am - a new 8 class series both in person at the Center for Spiritual Living in Redding and on zoom for your convenience. It begins September 9th through October 28th. Now accepting registration for attendance in person and or via zoom. Check Classes for more information.

Zoom is free: https://zoom.us/signup.

If interested in Tai Chi/Qigong for beginners by Zoom with Chris Netto, send me your email address at chris@standingfirmfitness.com.
I will send you an email invitation and the particulars to participate in these classes.

Click on Classes for more information.

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7 Amazing Reasons to Start Doing Tai Chi Today

Tai Chi Certificate

Discover the Power of Tai Chi
Experience "Meditation in Motion"
Feel the Power of Tai Chi
Enjoy a calm mind with mindful breathing and integrated balanced movement

Tai Chi for Health and Balance and Wellness
presents several Tai Chi and Balance Programs:

• 18 Shibashi(19 Posture Tai Chi/qigong)

• Balance the Tai Chi Way

• Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health programming;
Tai Chi for Arthritis(TCA) and Tai Chi for Diabetes(TCD)

Redding CA location:
Center for Spiritual Living -- 1905 Hartnell Avenue

Tai Chi Logo
A certified Tai Chi for Health instructor for Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programming.

Tai Chi is recognized by the Center for Disease Control, Administration on Aging and Tai Chi for Arthritis is endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation.

Experience "Movement as Medicine" with Chris Netto

Practicing mindfulness with Tai Chi or Balance the Tai Chi Way are creative options to increase movement, endurance and balance in your daily activities for the young and the young at heart while building community around the shared interest of optimal health and well being.

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Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden project.
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