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Fall Risk Management
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Ongoing classes are available on a month to month or drop in basis at various locations for new and returning students

Corona Virus and our classes

Class schedule is interrupted due to the virus.

During these challenging times of physical distancing it is important tostay connected. In order to serve you, I am now doing a beginning Tai Chi class held on Tuesdays at 10am on Zoom https://zoom.us/signup. Zoom is free to use. If interested let me know and I will send you an invitation through email and the particulars on how to join in.

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Day Time
Tai Chi for Health and Balance - featuring Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) Parts 1 and 2  TCA is recognized by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Administration on Aging, as one of the best evidenced based Tai Chi programs for health promotion and disease prevention. Dr. Paul Lam's TCA program is also endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation. New and continuing students welcome.
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Tuesdays 11:00 AM
Balance the Tai Chi Way
This easy on the joints, low to moderate intensity program blends both traditional balance and specific Tai Chi exercises applying the essential Tai Chi principles used in Tai Chi/ Qigong practices to promote balance, flexibility, agility and confidence, and strengthen muscles while improving overall health and well-being. Whether you participate sitting or standing through all or some of the exercises in the program enjoy the gift of movement on your balance and on your health in a fun, gentle and friendly environment at your own pace.
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Starting January 8


Tai Chi for Health and Balance - an introduction to Tai Chi for Diabetes (TCD) and 18 Posture Tai Chi/qigong. Two great Tai Chi sets for reducing stress while refreshing the mind, body and spirit, improving self awareness, , posture, balance, strength, endurance and agility in a friendly, fun, relaxed and supportive way. Seated modifications shown on request.
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Wednesdays 9:15 AM
Mystic Heart Center
3609 Bechelli Lane, Suite H
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Beginning Tai Chi for Health series - A 10-week series on Tuesdays at 9:15am. Begins February 4th through April 7th. Discover essential principles of Tai Chi practice, Dr. Paul Lam’s warmup and Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) program for health and 18 Posture Tai Chi/Qigong developed by Professor Lin Houshen and Master and He Weiqi at the Shanghi Hospital in 1979.
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February 4th
9:15 AM

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